Artist Alley and Vendor applications are now open!

Do you make awesome art? Do you sell cool merchandise? Sign-up to have a booth in our 2019 dealers’ hall!

Be sure to read through our Artist Agreement and Vendor Agreement before signing up.

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2019 Dealers’ Hall layout:


Thank you to our artists and vendors for attending OokiiSoraCon 2018!


Blue Ghost Draws
Flaming Tiger Crafts
Gemini Iro
JFM Studios
Last Chance Art Guild
Lucy’s Art Stuff
Minty Tangerine
Modeko Arts & Design
Rozen-Guarde’s Art Corner
The clay cottage
Sage Windfeather
ShadowCast Studio


Alice’s Steampunk Emporium
Faeries For Nature
Geek Emporium
Isle Of Misfits
Nippon Sentaku
Silverstorm Creations
Skychaser Studios LLC
Tasty Peach Studios
Toymagnus Books & Games
White Knight Toys and Hobbies