New Events

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Event Sneak Peeks

2019 OSC Karaoke Contest
hosted by Panda Baby
Join Panda Baby for the 2019 Karaoke Contest! Like to sing? Sign up! Want to form a group? Do it! A signup sheet with limited slots will be available at the convention, please have a song in mind when you sign up! 🙂 Perform your hearts out and win some prizes!

AMV Contest
hosted by OokiiSoraCon

AMV Gameshow
hosted by Panda Baby
Do you have a keen eye for detail? Join us in an interactive panel where volunteers form teams and answer questions about AMVs!

Cheeky Geeky Vaudville
hosted by CGV Team
Cheeky Geeky Vaudeville is back at it, here to provide you at OokiiSoraCon with another show! We will be welcoming back some old favorites as well as some new pieces you’re sure to enjoy!

Cosplay Chess
hosted by Panda Baby
The fan-favorite Cosplay Chess is back for another year! Ever wanted to see Kirito battle with Kamina? Or Iron Man duke it out with a goblin? Anything can happen on the battlefield of the chess board!

Cosplay Contest
hosted by OokiiSoraCon

Drag Roulette
hosted by Sabrina Nystrom
Come show off your lipsync skills–drag style! But what’s that? You won’t know what song you’re performing until you’re on stage!

JoJo Pose Off!
hosted by Panda Baby
Love making signature poses that blow minds? Come join us for some JoJo madness! We’ll do a little warm up in the beginning and then participants, whether solo or in a group, are given 15 minutes to practice their moves. Awards to come!

K-Pop Random Dance
hosted by Nahko
Are you a fan of K-Pop? Do you love to dance? Come join us for an hour of medley dancing. Anyone can join and show off their moves!

Lip Sync Battle
hosted by Sabrina Nystrom
Ready for the ultimate battle? The lipsync battle is back again for another rousing year of performances. Come enjoy some pretty awesome battles and help cheer on your favorites.

Ramen Eating Gym Challenge!
hosted by Panda Baby
Do you love ramen? How about an eating contest? Join us outside for some free lunch, for those who participate, and laughs.