Summary of Rules

Soloists & Groups:

Step 1: Sign up!

Step 2: Have two songs ready in a digital format.

  • First Round: 1.5 min max (individual category), 2.5 min max (group category)
  • Final Round: 5 min max

Step 3: Check in one hour prior to the round.


To sign up for the Karaoke Contest, CLICK HERE

See below for full list of rules.

Contestant Eligibility

  • The contest is open to all registered convention attendees.
  • Convention Staff and Guests of Honor are allowed to compete.
  • Contestants may compete in both Individual and Group categories if they desire.

Song Eligibility

  • Song origin. Any songs that are PG-13 appropriate are allowed in the competition.
  • Lyrics. If lyrics are needed, please print your lyrics, and we will provide a music stand for you.
  • Audio alterations.
    • Vocal dampening, fade-outs, and cropping are allowed.
    • We want to hear your singing voice, not those of the original singers. Tracks with the existing background vocal are discouraged.

☆ If you aren’t sure a song is eligible, please e-mail

Song Format

Please use the following formats:

  • mp3, mp4, wav files. These may be uploaded when you submit the form.
  • No iPods, CDs, flash drives, MDs, portable music devices, or cassettes are allowed in the contest.

☆ If you can’t get the music to us in the above formats, please e-mail

General Contest Format

  • Contestant limits. The contest is limited to 45 acts.
  • Contest Categories. There are two categories of competition: Individual and Group. Contestants may enter both categories.
  • Song Length. Songs are limited to the following lengths:
    • Preliminary (Qualifying) round:
      • 1.5 minute OR 1 verse and chorus (individual category)
      • 2.5 minutes OR 2 verses and chorus (group category)
    • Final round: 5 minutes.
    • Songs longer than these limits will be faded out.
    • Contestants may also fade out their song at any desired point.

☆ To be guaranteed a spot in the contest, we highly recommend that you sign up online.


  • Overall judging criteria are as follows:
    • Vocal/singing performance: This includes pitch, rhythm, tone, overall vocal quality, and vocal support.
    • Showmanship/presentation: This includes song choice/difficulty, stage presence, general appeal, and overall emotiveness.
    • Judges have final say.


Please contact the Karaoke Contest Manager at with any questions.

Good luck to all contestants and see you at the con!