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OokiiSoraCon 2022 Events

OSC Karaoke Contest
hosted by Panda Baby
Join Panda Baby for the 2022 Karaoke Contest! Like to sing? Sign up! Want to form a group? Do it! A signup sheet with limited slots will be available at the convention, please have a song in mind when you sign up! 🙂 Perform your hearts out and win some prizes!

AMV+ Contest
hosted by OokiiSoraCon

Anime Trivia
hosted by Lil Snik Snak
Come test your anime and manga trivia knowledge in this casual jeopardy style competition!

Cosplay Chess
hosted by Panda Baby
The fan-favorite Cosplay Chess is back for another year! Ever wanted to see Kirito battle with Kamina? Or Iron Man duke it out with a goblin? Anything can happen on the battlefield of the chess board!

Cosplay Contest
hosted by OokiiSoraCon

The “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” Sing Along!
hosted by Three D 6
Do you feel like the world is a mess and you just need to rule it?? What a crazy random happenstance, us too! Join us and sing along as we revisit the endeavors of the aspiring supervillian, Dr. Horrible, in the internet musical classic: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog!

Heads Up (18+)
hosted by Panda Baby
Have you heard of the phone game Heads Up? Welcome to Heads Up 18+ where teams will yell descriptive obscenities at their teammates in attempt to determine who will be the champions!

Iron Noodle
hosted by Panda Baby
Do you love ramen? How about an eating contest? Join us outside for some free lunch, for those who participate, and laughs.

JoJo Pose Off!
hosted by Panda Baby
Love making signature poses that blow minds? Come join us for some JoJo madness! We’ll do a little warm up in the beginning and then participants, whether solo or in a group, are given 15 minutes to practice their moves. Awards to come!

Lip Sync Battle
hosted by Sabrina Nystrom
Ready for the ultimate battle? The lipsync battle is back again for another rousing year of performances. Come enjoy some pretty awesome battles and help cheer on your favorites.

Mystery Game Tournament
hosted by MisCon/OokiiSoraCon Joint Event
Challengers are put to the test in a series of randomly selected video games as they battle to the top! (teams of two, single elimination bracket)