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Previous OokiiSoraCon 2019 Panels

Awful Fanfiction
hosted by Panda Baby
Sometimes fanfiction is so baffling, so embarrassing, so badly written and ill-conceived that it becomes a work of unintentionally comic genius. Join us for an hour of reading hilariously awful fanfiction.

Awful Fanfiction After Dark (18+)
hosted by Panda Baby
Sometimes fanfiction is so baffling, so embarrassing, so badly written and ill-conceived that it becomes a work of unintentionally comic genius. Join us for an hour of reading hilariously awful, adult fanfiction.

Body Positivity in the Cosplay Community
hosted by DJ & Ttrle
Being a cosplayer is tough. Finding the right materials for your cosplay, sewing it up, foam crafting, woodworking, metalworking…. The list goes on. After all that, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is a negative critique or snide remark on your hard work based on your physical appearance. In this panel, we will share and discuss what body positivity is, how to move past negativity and people who want to bring you down and share exercises on how to deal with these situations when they arise, because cosplay is hard enough without people who want to tear you down. Come join us and learn how we as a nerd community can pull together, rather than break apart! See you there!

BNHA Panel
hosted by Denki Kaminari
Come join BNHA / 1-A play games. Trivia. Q&A/Truth Or Dare. Mad Libs and GO BEYOND PLUS ALTRA!!!!!!!

Boku no Hero Academia After School!
hosted by Tara Shepard
Come join some of the students and a number one hero after school for some questions, games and prizes!

Cosplay Fitness
hosted by Eekie, Mavryck, Badapi, JasperSellene
Back again, lets talk about cosplay and fitness and how we keep motivated!

Cosplay Photography
hosted by Eekie, Snow, JasperSellene
Want to get into cosplay photography or just have a better understanding from a model standpoint? Come and join us for a fun discussion on basic photography, gear, posing, and post-editing!

Intro to Sewing!!
hosted by JasperSellene
Do you want to see but are scared and want to start small? Can you see and just wants tips or just wanna relax and make some fun stuff? Come hang out with the crew and make bows or dice bags!!

LGBTQ+ Cosplayer Panel
hosted by DJ & Ttrle
Are you an LGBTQ+ Cosplayer or a family member or friend of an LGBTQ+ cosplayer and would like to meet others in your boat? Come meet our LGBTQ+ panelists (and partners) Stonybridge Cosplay as they discuss subjects such as being “in the closet”, coming out, finding support, making friends, staying safe and the aspects of geek media and cosplay in 2019. There will be a Q & A as well as a discussion. This panel is also meant for cosplayers who may not be ready to come out yet and to help socialize with others who are LGBTQ+ in the community. All are welcome.

hosted by JasperSellene
Do you love fashion? Do you love being cute or “kawaii”? Well, come participate in a hands-on learning panel where we’ll discuss the ins and outs of Lolita Fashion!

Nyotalia Press Conference
hosted by Hannah
One of the many world meetings between the countries of Hetalia. You are part of the discussion of world-wide problems, like global warming, etc. Feel free to ask questions, the countries will answer to the best of their abilities.

Ouran Host Club
hosted by CommonersCoffeeCosplay
Sit down with your favorite Ouran characters host club style, while they entertain you with games and other fun activities! There will be three 30-minute sessions with limited seating, first come first serve.

Own Your Cosplay
hosted by Mavryck
From an idea through creating to wearing, Own Your Cosplay is a discussion panel that is based around the many areas of cosplaying. We understand that there is more to cosplay than just wearing it.

Rule 69 Cosplay
hosted by Sabrina Nystrom
Ever wanted to cosplay a character of the opposite gender? Rule 69 will discuss how to change a character to fit your own gender. Come and discuss those characters that you’ve always wanted to do.

Team KAIZEN // Ingenium Showcase
hosted by Add-A-Tudez Entertainment Company: Team KAIZEN and Ingenium Game Studios
Members of Montana’s 1st two PlayStation Certified Game Studios demonstrate their in-development prototype games and discuss game development in rural locales like Montana.

UA, Are you Ready?!
hosted by Sabrina Nystrom
So, are you ready for the UA Sports Festival? If you’re a super fan of My Hero Academia, a casual fan, or just interested in something different, join us for a fun-filled hour of activities inspired by BNHA!!!

Voice Acting 101
hosted by Ronikka “Ro” Kendall
Are you interested in voice acting? Then come to Voice Acting 101! Ronikka “Ro” Kendall is a freelance voice artist with over 5+ years experience. Some of her roles include: Maraine from Outpost: A Star Trek Fan Production, The Sniper from The Catterson Chronicles, and Laura from Fallout 4 Horror Mods–The Kelly Manor Horror Quest.

Zapp’s Spaceship of Love: Otaku History
hosted by Zapp’s Spaceship of Love
Did you hear about the time Luke Skywalker called upon the LAPD? How about that time a psychic tried to sue Nintendo because they featured spoons in a game? Neither have we! Come join our panel of Weeaboo Historians as we go through absurd yet memorable moments in Otaku History, with most of us being just as blind to the content as you are!