Multimedia Guest of Honour: Kictor

Let’s welcome our multimedia guest of honour!

Kictor is a professional YouTuber from Vancouver, Canada who combined her filmmaking degree with her gigantic love for anime and donghua to become a full-time fangirl. Some of her favorite series to talk about include Heaven Official’s Blessing, Trigun, and Mo Dao Zu Shi. Whether you have questions about pursuing your own passions as a content creator or just love the same shows, don’t hesitate to say hello!

Cosplay Guest of Honour: The Sakura Rangers!

Let’s welcome our Cosplay Guest of Honour!

From the forested trails of Oregon to the rich soil of Saskatoon, Canada, Sakura Rangers have come together with the goals of entertaining and making our conventions a more fun place. A decade ago a random game of cosplay chess brought the original members together. From that, grew collaborations, podcasts, and many cosplay contests. Over the years, they grew in numbers and became less of a group and more of a family. They are best known currently for their numerous contest performances and hosting Kumoricon’s own Cosplay Contest and Halftime Show in 2019-2022. They can’t wait for the convention to arrive so they can entertain and have fu n with everyone attending the event.

2022 Guest of Honor – Eekie and Snow Cosplay!

Introducing our final 2022 Cosplay Guests of Honor! Welcome the multi-talented Eekie and Snow Cosplay!
As a cosplay team who specializes in dance costumes, thermal plastics and photography, they are excited to bring their knowledge to their Montana community!
We for one are excited to see their wide variety of panels and have them as 2/3rds of our Cosplay Contest Judging Panel! Round of applause for Eekie and Snow Cosplay!

2022 Guests of Honor, OneStitchFromHell!

Introducing one of our 2022 Guests of Honor, onestitchfromhell!
Stitch believes that cosplay is not only a celebration of fandom, but an outlet for creativity and self-expression. She has been making costumes since her first convention in 2012 and has since participated in cosplay contests, skits, and cosplay chess across Montana, Utah, and Washington.
Stitch shares much of her work-in-progress on instagram @onestitchfromhell and loves to learn by chatting with other cosplayers. She’s always down to talk fandoms or help brainstorm your next build!