Thank you to our OokiiSoraCon 2019 Guests of Honour!

Please check back for updates on 2020

DJ & Trtle

Hailing from faraway land of Salt Lake City, Utah, DJ & Trtle joined forces in 2015. After meeting at a local convention at the beginning of the year, they soon became friends and eventually boyfriends near the end of autumn of the same year.

Sharing a love for cosplay and charity work, they dedicate most of their free time to travel, conventions, board games, video games, cosplay creation, kids birthday parties and raising money for organizations such as Make A Wish and Toys 4 Tots through the help of three different Utah-Based Charity groups: Heroic Inc., Kids Heroes Foundation and Legacy Initiative.

They promote positivity, kindness, love and acceptance for anyone who wants to join in on the cosplay fun, and also run their own joint charity group called “Great Responsibility”.

They can be found as Chaotic_Good_Cosplay and BadJuju23 on Instagram, and will soon be creating a joint account known as Stony Bridge Cosplay. They are both very honored and excited to be guests at our convention.

Zapp’s Spaceship of Love 2nd Season

Don Evans

Don Evans, aka. Zapp Himself, is the founder and “leader” of the group, Zapp’s Spaceship of Love. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Theatre, Don is a professional improvisational actor, student, and sometimes even teacher and director. He’s worked with various theatres and improv groups, including the Pine Tree Players, and the Canmore / Mountain Improv Group (CIA / MIA) run by Second City-trained Rob Heighington.

Don has been performing at conventions for nearly 10 years now, running panels, emceeing cosplay contests, and participating in cosplay chess. With the same fevor as ever, he and his crew work year-round, performing, practicing, and even streaming, to bring their unique convention centric improv (as well as boisterous laughter!) to con-goers everywhere.

Erik Keith

Erik is really bad at writing biography content so we’re just leaving this here to shame him. Shame on you Erik.



Cody Paterson

Cody Paterson, the longest-living red shirt on the Spaceship of Love crew, has had a major hand in conceptualizing, writing, and acting in every panel that the Spaceship of Love has performed. Originally from Los Angeles, Cody now lives in Seattle and works in the video game industry, and makes his own board games in his free time. He’s attended conventions all across the west coast for over a decade and works closely with the rest of the crew to ensure each and every panel they put on is as unique, interactive, and entertaining as possible.

Tom Smith

Tom was first brought to the attention of the crew by winning the Spaceship of Love panel. From there Tom has been working as a creative consultant pitching ideas, and assisting when he can. Tom has been working as a comedian for over 10 years hosting panels, contests, and preforming in shows! for hundreds. Tom continuously works hard to keep his comedic skills as sharp as he can, and has vowed one day to destroy Zapp Branigan and take over the ship once and for all.

Tom is the perfectly shaped eyes of the group.