Thank you to our guests of honour for being a part of OokiiSoraCon 2018!


Zapp’s Spaceship of Love


Don Evans

Don Evans, aka. Zapp Himself, is the founder and “leader” of the group, Zapp’s Spaceship of Love. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Theatre, Don is a professional improvisational actor, student, and sometimes even teacher and director. He’s worked with various theatres and improv groups, including the Pine Tree Players, and the Canmore / Mountain Improv Group (CIA / MIA) run by Second City-trained Rob Heighington.

Don works tirelessly year-round: when he isn’t putting on shows and training, he’s with his crew working to develop their unique brand of convention centric improv in order to entertain and bring laughter to con-goers everywhere.


Rob Pothaar

Rob Pothaar is the muscle and music of the group. He earned a B.Sc. and B.Ed. from UBC and is currently teaching high school Math, Physics, and Drama. Rob has helped provide music for the Spaceship of Love panels, as well as a major contributor to the other panels. Rob spends the majority of his free time watching TV and playing video games, increasing his pop culture knowledge as much as possible.

Cody Paterson

Cody Paterson, the longest-living red shirt on the Spaceship of Love crew, has had a major hand in conceptualizing, writing, and acting in every panel that the Spaceship of Love has performed. Originally from Los Angeles, Cody now lives in Seattle and works in the video game industry, and makes his own board games in his free time. He’s attended conventions all across the west coast for over a decade and works closely with the rest of the crew to ensure each and every panel they put on is as unique, interactive, and entertaining as possible.