Do you have a fun or unusual skill you’d like to show off? Take the stage and wow the audience with dancing, magic tricks, and jokes. No talent is too big or too small, so come show off how well you can sing opera or how fast you can tie your shoelaces. Our panel of judges will award their favorite acts at the end of the show!


  • All acts must be PG and appropriate for an all ages show.
  • Acts must be safe and clean in nature – no pyrotechnics, messy substances (glitter, silly string, sand, feathers, etc), fire, live animals, batons, or acrobatics will be allowed. All items brought onto the stage at the start of the performance must remain on stage for the duration of the performance. All items brought onto the stage must be removed by the participant, or their helpers, at the end of the performance.
  • Costumes and Props must adhere to OokiiSoraCon’s policies.
  • All performances are limited to 4 minutes. Setup time must be minimal. Suggested length of time for setup is one minute. Due to time constraints, bands are not allowed to participate.
  • Entrants are allowed to participate in one act only.
  • Music is allowed and encouraged but must be appropriate for an all ages show. For example, music cannot contain profanity, references to drugs, or reference to sexual acts. Entrants must provide their own digital song file, instruments, props, keyboard, etc. if necessary. Audio files must be provided at or before the rehearsal. Microphones and a sound system will be provided.
  • Professionals are NOT permitted to compete. This includes anyone whose primary source of income is from their talent.


Judging Categories

Judging will be done using a point scale on four factors:

  • Stage Presence & Attire 25%
    • Poise, costume, costume as related to performance, showmanship.
  • Skill 25%
    • Talent, proficiency, ability, expertise.
  • Preparedness 25%
    • Practiced, precision, accuracy.
  • Entertainment Value 25%
    • Creativity, appropriateness, appeal


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