Current Events

(Dates & Times TBA)

Armor Building and You
hosted by Eekie and Snow Cosplay
Ever wanted to learn about creating your own armor for cosplay? Come join in a discussion on EVA foam, different types of thermoplastics, pepakura and more!

Ask Homestuck
hosted by Troublesome Teatime
Come and talk with your friendly neighborhood sburb players and see just what makes them tick!

Ask the Overwatch Team!
hosted by Audrey
Have any questions to ask the members of Overwatch? Bring ’em here!

Black Butler Discussion Panel
hosted by Kelsie
Come join Ciel Phantomhive in a discussion about everyone’s favorite Victorian Era styled anime.

BucketStuck Truth or Dare
hosted by Cupcake Cosplay
Come play a saucy game of truth or dare with some of your favorite Homestuck characters!

Cheeky Geeky Vaudeville
hosted by  Cheeky Geeky Vaudeville
They are here to provide you with live music, dance, skits, and audience participation in their first OokiiSoraCon vaudevillian show!

Consent, Photography, and You
hosted by Teddy
Learn how to appropriately and comfortably photograph con-goers!

Convention Horror Stories
hosted by Lena Conn
As almost any con goer knows, things can go wrong, or just weird on your weekend. Come tell your stories together and revel in each other’s experiences.

Cosplay Combat
hosted by Darkon: Kingdoms of the Sword Coast
Cosplay Combat, Build your favorite cosplay character (using the provided rules) original or established, and dual others in one on one, light touch combat. The winner will receive a boffer sword that can be used in Darkon: Kingdoms of the Sword Coast or other boffer games. Other awards include Best Costume, Best Original Character, Sportsmanship, and Best Role Playing

Cosplay Contest
hosted by OokiiSoraCon
Come one, come all to the OokiiSoraCon cosplay contest! Bring your friends, yourself, your family, and show off what you got in front of our judges.

Cosplay Makeup
hosted by Caren McKenzie
Learn different methods for cosplay makeup as well as styles, brands of makeup and confidence tips!

Fitness Journey: The Cosplay Experience
hosted by Eekie
Bring together those who want to marry cosplay and fitness. Why we do it and what motivates us? Discuss fitness journeys!

Geeky Improv Games
hosted by Lena Conn
Improv can be fun, especially when it comes with fun people and fun cosplays. The audience can join in on the fun with games such as bus stop, ninja, etc.

Iron Noodle
hosted by: Detritus
Cutthroat competition where you will have to face-off in glorious combat. Do you have what it takes to be a noodle eating master and be dubbed the Iron Noodle!?

Karaoke Contest
hosted by: Panda Baby
Come join Panda Baby from Cheeky Geeky Vaudeville for a fun and friendly Karaoke Contest!

Level Up: Intermediate Cosplay 
hosted by Eekie and Teddy
You’ve conquered your fear of starting to cosplay, now its time for your Level Up!

New Game: Cosplay
hosted by Eekie, Teddy, and Ai Chan
What is this strange world known as cosplay and how can you get involved?

Open Mic Karaoke
hosted by Teddy and Caity
Open Mic Karaoke for any and all to participate in!

Rule 69: The art of Crossplay
hosted by Sabrina N.
Ever wanted to do a male character as a female? Or wanted to dress up in drag to achieve a Cosplay? Learn how to both Crossplay and Genderbend with some drag tips and tricks. Learn both makeup, wig and costuming tips from Brent Bedding ( Sabrina N.) a Drag King specializing in Cosplay.

So You Want To Be A Magical Girl?
hosted by Ai Chan
Do you think you have what it takes to be a magical girl? Come and find out! Anyone is welcome male, female, sentient spacerock! Anyone can be a magical girl!

U.A Hero Academy After School
hosted by TaraEveCosplay
Join the kids of U.A in their after-class shenanigans! If you’ve ever wanted to ask one of the heroes a question face to face, or you just want to hang out with them, this is the place to be! Games and laughter will definitely ensue, and prizes will be awarded!

Vine Jeopardy
hosted by Lena Conn
Despite it’s death in the past year, Vine still holds a place in everyone’s heart. Come answer questions about your favorite vines to get a chance to earn several different prizes.

Write Like an Elf
hosted by Fiona Jallings
Learn how to use Tengwar, the writing system developed by Tolkien for his Elves.