The Rules

The following criteria must be met to avoid disqualification:


  • OokiiSoraCon reserves the right to disallow any contestants on basis of appropriateness of costume – please remember that the OokiiSoraCon is a family friendly convention. OokiiSoraCon staff has the final say on all entries.  If you wouldn’t wear it to the pool, don’t wear it here.
  • All special effects must be pre-approved by the OokiiSoraCon staff prior to the day of the contest. Please surprise the audience, not the staff. Any electrical effects must be self-powered. The OokiiSoraCon retains the right to disallow any prop for any reason.
  • Any prop or weapon must have passed inspection and be approved by Security and peace bonded appropriately. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
  • Contestants are allowed to bring props within reason. Entrants must leave the stage as clean as it was when they first walked on it. Glitter, confetti, silly string, etc. will not be allowed on stage.
  • Absolutely no flame or pyrotechnical props are permitted due to fire regulations. OokiiSoraCon’s primary concern is public safety.
  • OokiiSoraCon can accept lighting requests e.g. turning the lights off or down.




As Judges are not always familiar with every character from every show, manga, or game… it is highly encouraged that you provide a photo or drawing of the source of your costume to go along with your entry.

Documentation must be received at the time of judging. Hard copies only will be accepted. Documentation Requirements: All entrants MUST fill out an entry application. There will be no exceptions or last minute entries allowed.


Weapons that are deemed unfit for OokiiSoraCon, if required for the costume contest, must adhere to our prop policy.

We reserve the right to confiscate and revoke your ability to use the prop within the costume contest at any time should our policy not be adhered.  This does not apply to any live firearms, weapon with projectile, or real bladed weapon.



Check-in for the contest at OokiiSoraCon is mandatory to confirm your participation. Check-in times and location will be emailed to all registered participants prior to the contest.

  • Check-in must be concluded within the assigned time frame
  • You do not have to be in costume in order to check-in
  • Contestant appearance orders will be confirmed at this time.



All contestants are required to appear on stage. Contestants will be lined up as per their assigned order determined at check in. Each individual entry will have a maximum of 60 seconds of stage time and each group will have 90 seconds. Please note that this is separate from the Cosplay Skit Contest.

Please notify the costume contest director when you register if you require an assistant for larger costumes. To respect other contestants and their costumes we are also requesting that no animals be brought into the green room prior to going on stage unless it is a registered service animal.

Contestants are to arrive at the green room in costume. Please, no sewing, gluing, spray painting, soldering, or use of heavy perfumes in the green room. If an emergency repair is needed please contact the contest director.

What to expect on stage:

  • The emcee will read the submitted introduction as each contestant approaches the stage.
  • The OokiiSoraCon staff will provide an epic soundtrack for the walk on performances.
  • Walk-on contestants, be prepared to field a question from the judges about your costume or character.
  • There are microphones available to answer the judge’s questions.
  • Contestants who will be performing to specific music/or pre-recorded dialogue must submit the track in MP3 or WAV format prior to the deadline. Your track must be edited to fit within the allotted appearance times. Contestants will be notified upon registration how and when to submit their file.

The Fine Print

The Costume Contest director or representative of OokiiSoraCon both have full authority to eliminate anyone from the competition on the grounds of unsportsmanlike conduct witnessed backstage, violation of the rules, or any other reason deemed sufficient. There is no appeal. Arguing with the director or representative may result in further action taken, such as a lifetime ban on participating in any future OokiiSoraCon Costume Contests.

Contestants are expected to obey all local, provincial and federal laws and bylaws governing OokiiSoraCon and the venue location. Those who do not comply will be removed from the premises and their badge will be revoked without prior warning. If the nature of the infraction is severe, the proper authorities will be contacted.

Cosplay Contest Sign-up