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Event Sneak Peaks

2nd Annual Iron Role Player

hosted by Capt. Spenny

Get ready for the adventures in Nuffle’s Playground, brought to you by Kelly’s Comics.

Once again, it’s time to show dem your metals. This year’s Dungeon event will be one of epicness-ness like stuffs, so come join the fun and show off your role playing skills… or lack thereof.

What you need: Your lucky set of 7 RPG dice and excitement to roleplay.

How it works: You will get a pre-generated character. You need only play to the character type you are given. Play with the intentions of being entertaining and enjoyable to your table’s Dungeon Master, and participate in making some noise when players botch or crit on rolls for prizes all game long. But beware! Botch two times in a row and be prepared for the Shaming.

No one will leave this event without swag and prizes for just playing.

*Game will be played using a modified/simplified character sheet from Pathfinder, with combat rules and miniatures in the rules set of Pathfinder.