April Updates

Hello and apologies for the lack of updates. We do more frequent updating on our Facebook and Instagram.

We’re going to talk about some of the things we have going on for OokiiSoraCon!

May 1st marks our second price increase to pre-registration.

We have lots of events you can sign up for ahead of time and things you can work on while you’re not at work.

Check out our AMV+ Contest here. Please look at the rules as we have added and removed some from previous years.

For all you wonderful artists out there, how about entering our mascot contest here.

Have a great idea that you would like to run at OokiiSoraCon? Submit your ideas here.

Are you ready to start an adventure? Keep up with our Social Media for this years House Cup Theme! Posts will be archived on our website.

And finally, If you’d like to sign up as a vendor or artist we still have slots available.

Vendor sign-up

Artist sign-up

Thank you everyone for your patience. A lot has changed for everyone and we will continue to adapt, grow, and work on making a great event for everyone!